Moe Emad

Moe is a qualified Personal Trainer in Precision Nutrition, Biochemics & Exercise Execution. In fact he is a highly rated coach and teacher to other Personal Trainers.

He relates deeply to his clients having gone through a life-changing transformation as an overweight teenager. He really knows what it takes and has helped dozens of others successfully achieve similar outstanding transformations.

Initially qualifying as a Medical Doctor [Dental Surgery], Moe realized his driving passion was to share his knowledge that healthy change is accessible to everyone.

His approach combines mental and physical self-awareness with nutrition and movement. By digging deep into his client’s needs, Moe has an ability to relate directly to their mindsets, identities and experience.

Moe’s clients have achieved remarkable results in weight loss, fitness, lifestyle and body transformation.

Moe says: “I am proof that permanent change is completely possible! Take the first step with us today, no matter how small; your future self will thank you!”

Certifications :

  • Level 3 personal trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Biomechanics and exercise execution at N1 Education