Phil Elder

Phil hails from NZ where he completed a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine. Alongside his degrees he has amassed many specialist qualifications from top industry regulators including Personal Training qualifications from the American Council on Exercise and National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Phil is a specialist practitioner in Rehab Training, Injury Recovery, Functional Movement Systems and many other top courses. He has spent many years coaching the coaches as an international lecturer, master trainer and educator across a variety of courses and qualifications.

For years he played football in NZ at a National level. More recent outstanding highlights include Winner of the Ice Warrior Challenge 2020; summiting Kilimanjaro; Oman by UTMB 53km, finishing the Fiordland NZ Chapter of GODZone Adventure Race, and 70.3 Dubai Ironman in 2021. His current main sport is Spartan racing where he has many age group winners medals.

Phil’s philosophy is to work safely and progressively towards the ultimate outcome for his clients – helping them to engage in activities they never thought they would be able to do or ever able to return to.

Phil says: “Anyone can benefit from Strength & Conditioning; my clients surprise themselves in every session, by discovering that they are capable of so much more than they ever thought possible!”